The Shelby County Board of Commissioners is the executive and legislative body of county government. The three Commissioners are the custodians of the home rule powers of the county. Counties have 3 Commissioners, one from each district in the county.

*David Mohr - North District
*Kevin Nigh - Center District
*Tony Newton - South District

They have the authority to pass ordinances in the following broad areas:

*Controlling, maintaining and supervising county property including courthouses, jails and public offices.
*Supervising constrution and maintenance of roads, bridges and to provide for traffic control.
*Developing Economic Development programs to attract and retain jobs in the county.
*To grant vacation pay, sick leave, paid holidays and other similar benefits to county employees.
*To administer elections in conjunction with the county election board.
*To establish minimum housing standards.
*Auditing and authorizing payments on behalf of the county.
*To incorporate new towns and alter township boundary lines, on petition.
*Receiving bids and authorizing contracts.
*Exercising appointive powers including both the selection of members to fill positions on boards, commissions, committees and appointment of certain department heads.
*Planning and implementing strategies for solid waste handling as members of solid waste district boards.